In the following text ‘lessor’ refers to CB RENTALS, and ‘customer’ refers to the person using the lessor’s car for a fee. The lessor rents to the customer whose particulars appear overleaf, the vehicle described, according to the specifications indicated there. The customer assumes full responsibility ill his name and in the name of his principal (where applicable).

1. The customer will return the vehicle and all its documents, accessories and equipment to the place and on the date agreed. No extension of the hire period will be allowed unless authorised by the lessor, in writing, overleaf.

2. The customer has received the vehicle in good order and condition and will return it in the same state.

3. The vehicle is covered by an insurance policy according to the laws of Malta. The customer has examined this policy and is aware of his rights and duties under this policy. If this policy becomes invalid due to some action or omission on the part of the customer, the customer will make good for any loss or damage not covered by insurance.

4. This vehicle may not be used: a. for remunerated transport of passengers or goods; b. to propel or tow any vehicle or trailer; c. for any illegal purpose or in any illegal manner; d. in motor races; e. outside the republic of Malta.

5. The vehicle may be used only by: a. The customer, provided that his personal and his valid licence particulars appear overleaf and that he is at least 25 and 70 years of age, for drivers between 21 and 25 years of age and between 70 and 75 years of age with two years driving experience; b. Any other person indicated in writing by the customer and fulfilling the conditions stated for the driver, provided that the customer assumes full responsibility for the drivers whom he authorises to drive the vehicle; c. For drivers over 70 years of age, the presentation of a renewed licence and medical certificate to the rental representative is obligatory.

6. The customer will immediately inform the lessor of any loss of, damage to or fault in the vehicle. Use of the vehicle when damaged or faulty is at the customer’s risk.

7. The customer and other drivers authorised by him are bound to take every necessary measure to protect the interests of the lessor and the lessor’s insurance company, in the case of an accident during the rental period, in particular by: a. leaving the vehicle in the exact position in which it has come to rest; b. obtaining the particulars of the persons involved and of the witnesses; c. not admitting to any fault on their part; d. not abandoning the vehicle without safeguarding its security; e. immediately informing the police or local wardens of the accident so that an accident report can be drawn up; f. filing in a notification of the accident and forwarding it within 24hrs, to the lessor.

8. When the vehicle is not in use the customer will take all precautions to avoid loss, accident or theft, and he will lock all the doors of the vehicle.

9. The lessor is not liable for any loss or damage resulting from a mechanical defect in the vehicle or its accessories, from an accident or from any other cause.

10. The lessor will not be held responsible for the loss of or damage to any property or valuables transported in the rented vehicle by the customer. The customer will not take any action against the lessor in this respect.

11. The customer will personally pay the lessor on demand: a. the agreed daily rental rate multiplied by the number of rental days; b. the charges for the optional items (eg: collision damage waiver) that he has subscribed to; c. the cost of the fuel in the vehicle’s tank at the time of rental; d. the amount for which he is liable as excess; if he has an accident or theft which is not covered by the collision damage waiver; e. any penalty or fine imposed on him or on the lessor by the competent authorities for any breach of the traffic regulations or for any other illegal act committed by the customer; f. all expenses incurred by the lessor due to any accident which happens when the customer drives the rented vehicle in breach of paragraph 4.

12. The customer is bound to comply with the law in force in Malta regarding the road traffic regulations and cannot call upon his ignorance of these legal dispositions. His possession of a valid licence places on him an obligation to become aware of all these relevant legal dispositions.

13. If the customer does not abide by the clauses of the agreement, in particular if he does not return the vehicle on the agreed date, the lessor has the right to take back the vehicle immediately without any previous warning. The customer releases the lessor from any responsibility for damages or charges resulting from the recovery of the vehicle. The lessor is not liable to pay for any loss or damage to any object or materials present in the vehicle at the time of the recovery. Nevertheless he will do his best to protect the interest of the customer.

14. The customer undertakes to renounce in favour of the lessor any rights or remedies from third parties in respect of any loss or damage suffered by the vehicle in this rental period. All dealings with third parties regarding this shall be carried out by the lessor whose decisions and commitments will also bind the customer.

15. This agreement is subject to the laws of Malta.

16. No modification to any of the above clauses is valid unless it is written down clearly and signed to by both parties.