Quality Assurance

All properties listed on MaltaVillageHolidays.com have been personally checked to comply to the quality standards listed below.


  • Property must to have fire blanket and fire extinguisher.
  • Property must indicate clearly all emergency numbers.
  • Property must supply a printed version of the house rules for reference.


  • Property must provide free WiFi.
  • Property must feature a TV with at least 1 international channel in English.


  • Bedrooms must have Sheets and Towels available and changed at least weekly.
  • Bedrooms must have at least 1 extra pillow.
  • Bedrooms must be equipped with adequate Cooling and Heating equipment.
  • Property must feature at least 1 bathroom for every 4 persons.
  • Property must supply shampoo, shower gel and other basic toiletries.
  • Property must feature kitchen equipped with at least a fridge, cooker, sink, microwave oven, kettle/water boiler, and coffee maker.
  • Property must feature adequate dining and living space equivalent to the full occupancy of the property.