Carnival 2016 – That time of the year again!

Carnival in Malta is a colourful extravaganza of huge artistic papier-maché floats parade through the streets of Valletta, accompanied by boisterous brass bands and a cacophony of dancers and revellers in outrageous costumes. By night the party continues in the clubs and bars of Paceville.

In Nadur, Gozo, carnival takes on a zany and yet macabre mood, with grotesque masks and satirical floats parading through the streets of the town at night.

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Christmas in Malta

Christmas is a one of the most celebrated feasts on the Maltese islands. It has its high religious significance but also a social aspect bringing the families and community together. During the festive season one can visit various nativity scenes, displays of cribs, carol services and other events organised in each locality on the islands. For the special spiritual evening, join the congregation at St. John’s Co-Cathedral in Valletta for candlelit carol singing.

The spectacular cribs, considered as one of the unique traditions in Malta, are available for display in small chapels, village halls and even in private houses. In fact, visiting the artistic and elaborate crib displays during Christmas-time is a popular activity both amongst locals and visitors. Some of them are a result of long hours of meticulous work by dedicated craftsmen.

Spending the Christmas time in Malta is a memorable experience.


Mdina Grand Prix 2014 – full programme

The following is an overview of the 2014 Mdina Grand Prix programme:

Thursday 9th October 2014
0900hrs to 1600hrs
Hill Climb at Mtahleb & BBQ onsite.


Friday 10th October 2014
1100hrs to 1600hrs
Mdina Glass Concours d’Elegance.

Following the fantastic success of the Mdina Glass Concours d’Elegance last year, this glamorous event will once again be held in Mdina. The Island’s best classic cars will be joined by our overseas participants, and a festive atmosphere is guaranteed, with live classical music and owners in period attire.


Saturday 11th October 2014
09000hrs to 1600hrs – Practice + Qualifying
1600hrs to 1700hrs – Paddock Area open to the general public

The Paddock area will be situated in the Mdina ditch together with various activities and static shows.


Sunday 12th October 2014
0900 to 1600hrs – The racing is on

Notte Bianca Valletta 2014

Notte Bianca is once again set to light up the cityscape of Valletta on 4th October 2014. This year’s edition promises again a spectacular all-night-long celebration of people, culture and arts. The streets and cultural venues in the Maltese capital Valletta will host a variety of entertainment for all ages.

State palaces and museums will open their doors to delight patrons with visual art exhibitions and theatre performances, while the open-air streets and piazzas will showcase some of the finest local and international musicians and dancers. Cafes and restaurants will be open until late with further food stalls and tables occupying the streets.

All of Valletta, from City Gate to Fort St. Elmo, will come alive on Notte Bianca, guaranteeing a memorable night that truly holds something for everyone.

Where in Malta can you visit farm animals?

The Petting Farm is a family recreation facility situated on the southern part of the Ta’ Qali National Park. It covers a footprint of circa 11,600m2 and offers a great interaction experience with farm animals for children in a beautifully landscaped and relaxing environment. Indeed, the Farm is an opportunity for children to get up close with animals they are not used to in everyday life.

The main farm building hosts amongst other: Haze the horse, Bliss the pony and Muriel the donkey. Llamas, pigmy goats, sheep and Maltese goats are also housed in this building. Children are allowed to feed the animals some fodder which is specifically available on the Farm from dispensing machines.

The rabbit zoo is a separate building hosting as much as fifty different species of rabbits. All on display have, however, an option to sneak on the inside for cover, if they so wish. Occasionally, one is also able to see bunnies venturing outside their warm “burrow”, maybe for the first time.

The Aviary offers a wide variety of colourful avian species normally reared as pets, such as: the Cockatiel, Parakeets, Rosellas, Budgies, Zebra finches and many more. Close by the aviary we have the Emu, the Pheasant and the Helmeted Guinea fowl.

A pair of graciously flowing Swans are housed in the Farm pond, together with a couple of pairs of Red Crested Pochards and Rosy Billed Ducks.

Complementing the ambiance of the Farm are two activity sheds and play equipment integrated within farm animal structures ideal for children between 3-12 years of age.

Opening Hours:
Winter:    06:30 – 19:30
Summer:  06:30 – 20.30


Top 5 things to do in Malta with your family

Malta is a idyllic destination for holiday makers traveling with their family. The islands offer a variety of small sandy beaches perfect for the little ones, fun parks, natural parks and public gardens that offer hours of family fun and relaxation.


Playmobil Fun Park

Did you know that the popular Playmobil toys are manufactured in Malta? The factory is located just outside the village of Zejtun and adjacent to the manufacturing facility, Playmobil has dedicated a small theme park for children of all ages. The theme park may be enjoyed all year round with the facility offering both indoor and outdoor areas. Visit Playmobil Funpark website.


Popeye Village

The set from the 1980 film “Popeye” starring Robin Williams remains in its entirety cuddled in the cliffs off Mellieha. The film set has been transformed in a theme park with actors from the story offering shows and entertainment all year round. Visit Popeye Village website.


Splash & Fun Waterpark

Splash and Fun offers swimming pools and water slides in an outdoor facility by the sea on the outskirts of Naxxar. This Summer-only attraction is ideal for a family outing. Visit Splash & Fun website.


San Anton Gardens

The Presidential Gardens known locally as San Anton are located in the village of Attard and offers a natural setting for a stroll away from the Summer sun. The garden also hosts ponds with ducks, swans and turtles, whilst peacocks wander freely avoiding garden cats lazying round one of the many fountains. Learn more.


Petting Farm

This is a facility that offers the opportunity to interact with farm animals in a beautifully landscaped environment. The farm most popular attractions are Haze the horse, Bliss the pony and Muriel the donkey. Llamas, pigmy goats, sheep and Maltese goats are also housed in this building. Children are allowed to feed the animals some fodder which is specifically available on the Farm from dispensing machines. The Petting Farm is located in Ta’ Qali, close to Naxxar. Visit Petting Farm website.

Kinemastik International Short Film Festival 2014

The Kinemastik Short Film Festival will be celebrating its tenth anniversary, from July 20 till 27, at the Herbert Ganado Gardens, in Floriana.

Kinemastik is the NGO responsible for bringing to Malta a selection of film d’auteur, and seeks to link young filmmakers in Malta to the world of cinema. Offering local screenings and worldwide distribution of locally produced work, Kinemastik provides local filmmakers with a platform for their work.

A full day-by-day program me is available here.

Kinemastik is supported by the Malta Arts Fund.

[PHOTOS] Agricultural Fair in the heart of Gozo

Walking into the small square behind the Parish Church in Nadur, known to the local folk as il-pjazzetta, you could already notice the smell of hay as it welcomed visitors to the 21st Annual Agrarian Festival. A small, picturesque fair showcasing the villagers’ love and pride.

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The night of candles – Birgufest 2014

Once a year, the residents of the old city of Birgu (also knows as Vittorioso) switch off all their lights and the cobbled streets of this proud city reflect the tiny candle flames for another edition of Birgufest.

During Birgufest, the historic city turns romantic and boasts not only its glorious pasts but also its architecture through a playful dance of light and shadow. The streets are lit up with a gentle glow by thousands of candles of all kinds and locals together with visitors enjoy the narrow cobbled streets of Birgu discovering centuries of history and culture.

The historic re-enactments, extended and cheaper museum entrances, and the opening up to the public of other venues of interest including churches, highlight the immense historic value of this city.

In addition, Birgufest 2014 will also feature food stalls offering both Maltese and other food, various musical concerts – ranging from classical to modern, and various exhibitions, make this event truly an outing with something to suit all tastes and ages.

Birgufest 2014 will be hedl between the 10th and 12th October.

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Mgarr turns red during Strawberry Festival

The annual strawberry festival has once again attracted hoards of locals and tourists to the quiet farmers’ village of Mgarr. The otherwise calm village square turns red with fresh strawberries and other food and drink items with strawberry as their main ingredient. The red, ripe hand-picked fruit attracts thousands of visitors to taste not just the fresh fruit, but also the tasty pastries, pancakes, waffles, ice-cream, sorbets, milkshakes and the much sought-after delicate strawberry wine.

We also spotted a pizza with strawberries on one of the stalls surrounding the village Church.

Visitors enjoyed their Sunday outing followed by lunch in the square or a picnic in the rural area, close to the gorgeous Gnejna Bay.

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