January 15, 2014 Editor

Getting Married in Malta

Offering a diverse range of wedding formats, from intimate sit down dinners and beachside ceremonies to church weddings and traditional receptions, Malta has a vast range of products and services available which make planning the ceremony relatively stress free and great value for money.

Flexible and able to tailor-make a package that suits all kinds of tastes and viewpoints; Malta offers both civil and religious ceremonies. In either case the legal formalities are relatively simple and can even be done in advance from your home country.

Being predominantly Roman Catholic, the Islands boast around 365 beautiful churches, making Malta & Gozo the ideal destination for those desiring a religious wedding. The elegance and splendour of one of Malta’s baroque parish church will provide a beautiful setting to a special day, or if intimacy and seclusion is desired, the many charming countryside chapels are ideal. However, couples of other denominations will also find their perfect place of worship for their dream wedding.

For those opting for a civil wedding, there is no end to the lovely indoor or outdoor venues to decide on. Since Malta has such a varied and colourful historical past, there are a number of interesting venues to choose from and are in no way limited to hotels and churches. The grandiose will love one of the grand baroque palaces with stunning gardens and those preferring something more rustic can choose a beautiful farmhouse set in the quaint countryside of Gozo. For nature lovers, Malta’s many beautiful sandy beaches, backdrops and countryside provide a location like no other.

[alerts title=”Hit LIKE to read our Recommendations…” type=”info”][like-gate]Non-residents who wish to marry in the Roman Catholic Church will have some formalities to complete in advance. The process is very straightforward and will involve providing documentation such as a birth certificates and a letters from the couples’ diocese in the country of origin. These would need to be submitted to the Maltese Diocese for those planning their wedding in Malta and Gozo Diocese for those intending to tie the knot on the sister Island of Gozo.

Once married, the ‘going away’ ritual is a memorable moment. So whether you choose a horse-drawn Karrozzin, a sleek limousine or even a traditional Dgħajsa boat in Valletta’s Grand Harbour you’ll be sure to enter your married life in unforgettable style.[/like-gate][/alerts]

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