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Gozo’s traditional bake at the Maxokk

Visiting the island of Gozo is a must when on Malta. The sister island may be visited in a day, but spending few days on the island will grant you access to the ways of its people, the villages, the sites and also their food.

Gozo, being more rural, offers a exquisite rural cuisine with some typical dishes that are unique to the island. One of these specialties is the Gozo Ftira – a flat-bread baked with a variety of fresh ingredients that at first glance may resemble to a pizza.

Maxokk Bakery is one of the very last few bakeries that still bake the traditional Ftira.  This is a small family-run wood-burning bakery located in the village of Nadur on your way to Ramla Bay. Most locals visiting Gozo have the Maxokk as their must-stop for their lunch or snack.

You may opt for the typical Goat Cheese Ftira or the one with Maltese Sausage as topping. If you prefer fish, there’s Tuna and Anchovies or else a vegeterian Ftira with mushrooms, bell peppers, olives, onions, basil, tomatoes and potatoes.

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Try the traditional Goat Cheese or Maltese Sausage varieties.

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