August 25, 2014 Editor

Airshow from 13 countries meet for display over Malta

This years’ edition of the airX Malta International Airshow is set to be the biggest edition ever organised.

The public will be treated to 4 aerobatic teams; the Italian Frecce Tricolori, the Spanish Patrulla Aguila’, the Turkish team Turkish Stars and the RAF Red Arrows. This, along with other flying displays such as a Swiss F18, Belgian F16, Czech L-159 alca, as well as the participation of a total 13 countries, will make this years edition of the Airshow the biggest one so far.

The airX Malta International Airshow, which will be held on the 27th and 28th of September 2014 is expected to attract thousands of aviation and photography enthusiasts from all over the world.

Read more at the airX Malta International Airshow website.

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