February 24, 2014 Editor

Pharrell Williams – HAPPY (We are from Malta) “Happy in Malta”

Following the colossal success of the hit song “Happy” by artist Pharrell Williams, the Maltese islands decided to show the world how it looks to be happy in Malta!

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  1. Morpheus

    would of been more creative to change the words to something personal or things related to malta … now you did what about a million teenage girls do on youtube, playback a song…. the only difference is that the camera work is more professional. Think it is a missed chance… there was so much more potential and you did nothing with it but put on a song and mimic the action of singing and a bit of dancing.

  2. maltavillageholidays

    Morpheus, this video happens to be one of many initiatives all over the world following http://wearehappyfrom.com/

    The ultimate scope is to “broadcast” some happiness. Have a nice day πŸ™‚

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