August 18, 2014 Editor

From Grape to Wine (See how it is done)

The village of Siggiewi is known for its agricultural heritage, it’s picturesque bay and the stunning views from Laferla Cross. This same hill that hosts one of the island’s most important landmarks, also hosts numerous vineyards that produce award-winning wines.

For the third year running, the village will be hosting Festa Gheneb – a feast celebrating the crop and its main product – wine. Cuddled in the village’s main square, under the imposing statue of Saint Nicholas, Siggiewi will once again welcome locals and foreigners to enjoy the traditional art of wine making and taste some of its best produce.

The festival is to be held on Saturday 23rd August and visitors are welcome to join in from 7:00pm onwards. Entrance to the event is free of charge.

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