January 6, 2014 Editor

Street Hawkers in Maltese Villages

Many countries showcase their street vendors and markets, but few are those places that enjoy the level of service that Maltese street villages do.

One of the most traditional retailers on the Maltese islands is the street hawker. Not the type that sits in the same corner all morning waiting for customers to walk by, but driving high and low through the village streets, offering a service almost on your doorstep.

Many years before take-away’s started delivering junk food, the Maltese street hawker would canvas the village announcing his or her arrival usually with a high-pitched offer that rarely changed from one generation to the other. Up to this day you can easily purchase fresh bread, vegetables, fish, and even kerosene (heating oil) by timing your preferred street hawker who daily visits the same streets like clockwork.

A few decades ago you could have even stopped the shepherd down your alley and ask for a pint of fresh goat’s milk, right from the goat; or have your knives and scissors sharpened by the “sinnar”.

Although supermarkets have taken away business from the small village corner shops, making most of them unsustainable, the same phenomenon did not effect – at least as drastically – the street hawkers bringing their fresh produce to our homes.

[alerts title=”Hit LIKE to read our Recommendation…” type=”info”][like-gate]A truck honking down the street does not mean an angry driver, but it is usually the street hawker who has replaced their high-pitched call with the horn of their truck.[/like-gate][/alerts]

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