January 31, 2014 Editor

The Maltese Tenor sings “Xemx Wisq Sabiha”

The annual Joseph Calleja concert has brought together over the years a number of local and international artists to share the stage with the Maltese Tenor. The island has seen artists like Lucio Dalla, Zucchero, Gigi D’Alessio, Michael Bolton, Ronan Keating amongst others.

The video is an extract for the Joseph Calleja Summer 2013 concert in Malta with Eurovision Winner Gianluca Bezzina. They are singing a Maltese classic ballad by the name of  “Xemx Wisq Sabiha” (Beautiful Sun) by Gozitan 70’s band The Trumps.

Joseph Calleja shall be once again hosting his annual Summer Concert in July 2014.

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