August 22, 2014 Editor

Tourist in Malta lost €2000 and iPad. Guess what happens?

Many reports and articles have listed Malta and Gozo amongst the safest destinations in the world. We usually go through these lists with a bit of cynicism, not really understanding the tangible effects of living and holidaying in a place where people are nice to each other and the level of criminal offenses still relatively low.

As the local newspaper Times of Malta reports, Ina Pavlova was returning from the island of Gozo to the main island of Malta when she forgot her handbag containing €2000 in cash, travel documents and a brand new iPad. She had already off boarded the ferry and driven a good 20km when she realized her mistake. On returning to the port, staff helped her get in touch with the ship’s crew who confirmed that a bag was found in the ferry’s cafeteria.

Probability and common sense might suggest that the tourist handbag containing €2000 in cash was empty, but Pavlova soon learnt otherwise.

A member of the crew on the Gozo Channel ferry had not only found the handbag, but he returned it to its rightful owner – with all the money, and other contents intact! He also refused to accept the reward!

Pavlova could not help holding back her tears.

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